New Music podcast 324

New and emerging music from Scotland including Spyres, Slouch and Stephanie Cheape.

Arcades feat Prides – Stars
Aaron Wright – Maisy
Slouch – P.O.V
Joshua Grant – Figure It Out
Club Beirut – Something New
Spyres – Fake ID
The Harmonix – Trauma
Stephanie Cheape – OK Without You
Red Twin – Mango
Cara Rose – Learn to Speak

New Music podcast 323: 10 for 2020

Jim Gellatly selects 10 emerging Scottish acts to watch out for in 2020

Read more about the 10 acts in The Scottish Sun

Swim School – Too Young To Know
Mark Sharp & The Bicycle Thieves – Liquid Gold
Luke La Volpe – Nightmare of the Streets
Glassmasterer feat Katherine Aly – What Are My Chances?
Joesef – Play Me Something Nice
Retro Video Club – Youth
Luna The Professor – Romeo & Juliet
Zoe Graham – Gradual Move
Spyres – Otherside
Keir Gibson – Hollow

New Music podcast 320

Emerging sounds from Scotland

Jim Gellatly selects more new and emerging music from Scotland.

Stirling – All My Friends Have Got This Figured Out           
Magnum Haus – Shuga   
Flying By Mirrors – Live In The Moment
Spyres – Otherside           
Memes – Happy Shopper              
Megan D – Save Me A Seat
The Naked Feedback – Silent Disco          
Moy – Start Me Up
Kerri Watt – Cut Me Loose
Bubbatrees – Alchemy