New Music podcast 321

Jim meets The Snuts in Motherwell

New and emerging music from Scotland plus chat with Callum and Joko from The Snuts.

PAGES. – Bubble Brain
Wojtek The Bear – Slow TV
Slouch – Duplicity
Luna The Professor – Romeo & Juliet (Is Dead)
Vandal Palace – Trip And Fall
Black Tiles – Dead Girls
A/B – Remotion
Petty Cassettes – She Said
The Snuts interview
The Snuts – Maybe California
The Acid Club – Getaway


New Music podcast 320

Emerging sounds from Scotland

Jim Gellatly selects more new and emerging music from Scotland.

Stirling – All My Friends Have Got This Figured Out           
Magnum Haus – Shuga   
Flying By Mirrors – Live In The Moment
Spyres – Otherside           
Memes – Happy Shopper              
Megan D – Save Me A Seat
The Naked Feedback – Silent Disco          
Moy – Start Me Up
Kerri Watt – Cut Me Loose
Bubbatrees – Alchemy

New Music podcast 319

Emerging sounds from Scotland

Jim with Callum Beattie

Jim Gellatly selects more new and emerging music from Scotland.

Belle And Sebastian – Sister Buddha
Calum Jones – Iona
Indigo Velvet – Get Me High
Declan Welsh And The Decadent West – No Fun
The Roly Mo – Cuttin’ About
Fraser McLean – We’re Done
Echo Machine – Automatic Love
VanIves – The Waves And I Would Wonder
OK Button – Verso
Callum Beattie – Without You

New Music podcast 318

New Music from Scotland

Plastic Guns – still from Snake In My Shoe video by Magic Box

Jim Gellatly selects more new and emerging music from Scotland, including tracks from The LaFontaines, Parliamo, The Snuts and Plastic Guns.

  1. The LaFontaines – Alpha
  2. The Snuts – All Your Friends
  3. 100 Fables – History
  4. St.Martiins – Want God
  5. Russell Stewart – Midsummer
  6. Made Of Eyes – Misery
  7. Parliamo – Youth
  8. Plastic Guns – Snake In My Shoe
  9. Chris Greig & The Merchants – Lipstick
  10. The Eves – City Of Stars

New Music podcast 317: Scott Cowie

Jim Gellatly chats to Scott Cowie about his book “Things You Won’t Believe About Music”.

Scott Cowie

More at

  1. Scott Cowie – TV Saturday
  2. Stevie Wonder – Happy Birthday
  3. Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli – Minor Swing
  4. Bob Marley & The Wailers – No Woman, No Cry (live at The Lyceum)
  5. Metallica – Enter Sandman
  6. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
  7. Zal Cleminson’s Sin Dogs – Govan Boy

New Music podcast 316: 10 for 2019

Jim Gellatly selects 10 emerging Scottish acts to watch out for in 2019

Jim Gellatly


  1. Beta Waves – Another Mad Crab
  2. The Dunts – Witch Hunt
  3. The Eves – Tides
  4. Hyyts – DWY
  5. OK Button – Beds
  6. Parliamo – Sweet
  7. The Snuts – Manhattan Project
  8. Stephanie Cheape – Blood Sweat & Fear
  9. Us – The Stars That Arc Across The Sky
  10. Vistas – Fade


New Music podcast 315: DMC 2018

Dumfries Music Conference

DMC 2018

Recorded live at The Stove for Radio DMC at Dumfries Music Conference… with guests BloodThread, The Cherry Pinks, Alex Maxwell, Tiderays and Kerr from The LaFontaines plus loads of New Music from Dumfries & Galloway.

The KLF – Last Train To Trancentral
Alex Maxwell – The Want Comes In Waves
BloodThread interview
BloodThread – …For I Am The Butcher
Barstow Bats – The Business
The Nickajack Men – Changed Ways
The Cherry Pinks – Same Skies [session track]
The Cherry Pinks interview Pt.1
The Cherry Pinks – As The Years Go By [session track]
The Cherry Pinks interview Pt.2
Scope – My Bro’s
Oaklnd – INYL
Future Get Down – Here Come The Wreckers
VanIves – Positive
The Gimme Gimme Gimmes – This Is What You Came For
Kasama – Holding Up The Sun
Prussia Snailham & Robbie Taylor – Friends With Coffee
Alex Maxwell interview Pt.1
Alex Maxwell – Born Ready [session track]
Alex Maxwell interview Pt.2
Alex Maxwell – Inaction
Alex Maxwell interview Pt.3
Alex Maxwell – My Old Friend [session track]
Alex Maxwell & Kerr Okan (The LaFontaines) interview
The LaFontaines – Up
Lewis Fergusson – The Bore Tide
Tiderays interview Pt.1
Tiderays – Over & Over [session track]
Tiderays – The Anchor
Tiderays interview Pt.2
Tiderays – Quarrels [session track]
Tiderays interview Pt.3
Tiderays – Papillion
Frozen Shores – Blinded