New Music podcast 313

New Music from Scotland

Jim Gellatly

Jim Gellatly selects more new and emerging music from Scotland, including tracks from Vukovi, Catholic Action, Pronto Mama and Callum Beattie.

  1. Catholic Action – Doing Well
  2. Pyro – Green
  3. Aylee – Bad Habit
  4. Greg C. Clark – Birdsoaring (2017 remix)
  5. Neon Waltz – Perfect Frame
  6. Vukovi – Weirdo
  7. Pronto Mama – Arabesque
  8. Kobi Onyame feat Heir Of The Cursed – Wedadi
  9. 100 Fables – Wake Up
  10. Callum Beattie – We Are Stars

New Music podcast 309

Jim Gellatly presents more of Scotland’s New Music


Jim Gellatly showcases emerging music from Scotland… including tracks from Baby Strange, Catholic Action, Be Charlotte & Twin Atlantic.

  1. Twin Atlantic – The Chaser
  2. Catholic Action – Rita Ora
  3. Be Charlotte – Machines That Breathe
  4. Ian Donaldson – Angel Pale
  5. Shvllows – Zurich
  6. Hunter & The Bear – Oh Daisy
  7. Future Get Down – Dreamkillers
  8. St. Martiins – Bad Art
  9. Baby Strange – Human
  10. Stillhound – Time Enough For Love

*photo of Shvllows

New Music podcast 304

Jim Gellatly selects more of Scotland’s New Music

Jim Gellatly presents more of Scotland’s emerging music including AmatrArt, We Came From Wolves, Model Aeroplanes and Catholic Action.

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