Scottish Alternative Music Awards – The Results!

Last night (Feb 24) saw the inaugural Scottish Alternative Music Awards take place at the Classic Grand in Glasgow, and I was invited along to present the gongs.

The brainchild of Kilmarnock student Richy Muirhead, who came up with the concept as part of his BA Commercial Music course at the University of the West of Scotland, a healthy crowd turned-up to support their favourites.

After cracking live sets from nominated acts Bronto Skylift, Make Sparks and This Familiar Smile, I joined host Billy Kirkwood for the awards section of the night. After the presentations, The LaFontaines rounded off the evening in style with their brand of rock & hip hop. Rapper Kerr had already provided one of the night’s highlights with his acceptance speech for Best Live act… reading the “thank yous” from a Jay-Z CD!

As I walked on stage to do my bit, I hit ‘record’ on my iPod Touch. Here are the edited highlights of the prize giving (contains language that may offend):

More info on the Awards at

Jim Gellatly and host Billy Kirkwood - photo by Elaine Fisher

The winners in full were:


BEST NEWCOMER – As Darkness Falls

BEST METAL – Promised Only Lies

BEST LIVE ACT – The LaFontaines


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5 thoughts on “Scottish Alternative Music Awards – The Results!

  1. Richy Muirhead February 25, 2010 / 2:53 pm

    JIM! I hope you enjoyed last night & thanks so much for getting involved, all the bands were great eh!? Now it’s time for me to start planning next year’s festival…bring on it!

    Take it easy!

  2. David O'Keeffe February 25, 2010 / 2:51 pm

    Well done to Richy for his work. No matter where it is, it’s great to see a local and home-grown event such as this. From what I’ve heard, alternative music isn’t *too* much of a niche in Scotland, so it was fantastic to hear that the event was a success and gave these bands a chance to be recognised by means of awards.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t make it over to the event, as I’m in Dublin myself, but I can really see this event happening again, and opening up the floodgates for various genres of music to host similar events. As previous poster, Tony, said, why not electronic music. Why not any music really? With a bit of effort and publicity, as witness via Richy’s input and dedication, there is no stopping events like these taking place, offering punters a great time, along with nurturing local talent.

    Kudos to all involved, and well done to the winners.

    Blast FM Ireland.

  3. Mhairi February 25, 2010 / 11:34 am

    The Tartan Clef Music Awards is Scotland’s biggest black tie event which last year saw 840 guests raise £140,000 for Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy in Scotland. it is the most popular event of it’s kind in Scotland and we have honoured some of the greatest Scottish acts over the past decade.

    Last year’s event saw Lloyd Cole and The Commotions and Mott The Hoople play for the very last time and honoured award winning composer Patrick Doyle and King Creosote amongst others.

    The Tartan Clefs is hugely important to NRMTS and one we’re very proud of. Without it, our music therapists could not continue their vital work.

    It’s a shame you don’t feel its a worthy event. You are most definitely in the minority.

    • Tony February 26, 2010 / 1:08 am

      Ok take a deep breath Mhairi.

      A one sentence remark about my feelings for Tartan Clef awards in no way suggests that I think raising money for Nordoff Robbins isn’t a worth while pursuit. I’m actually a little offended that you would suggest this so publicly.

      Why don’t you email me, you’re understandably very close to the Clefs and a bit touchy when someone comments on their merit so let’s discuss it properly instead of in the comments of a blog.

      Jim can you forward our email addresses?

  4. Tony February 25, 2010 / 6:18 am

    Great to see a worthwhile awards ceremony start up in Scotland.

    Shame there was no award for electronic music which is such a massive part of Scotland’s musical landscape and producing some of the best music the country has to offer. In a year that two young lads from Glasgow got signed to the holier than holys that is Warp, I’m surprised that their success wasn’t recognised by the Scottish Music Industry.

    Still at least its better than the Tartan Clefs.


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