Street Sounds of Scotland: Hilltown

Main Street to Victoria Road

Jim Gellatly takes you on an audio trip in his home town. Join him as he walks from the top of the Hilltown to Victoria Road at the bottom.

Stream here:

00:00 Start

01:57 Stirling St

02:20 North George St

03:20 Constitution St

03:55 Alexander St

05:22 Rosebank St

05:39 Ann St

06:26 McDonald St

07:46 Hilltown Terrace

09:50 End

*Recorded by Jim Gellatly on Hilltown, Dundee, March 6 2010 at 1335hrs


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One thought on “Street Sounds of Scotland: Hilltown

  1. Gary Robertson March 8, 2010 / 1:17 pm

    Well done Jim. My old man was brought up on ther ‘Hulltoon’ in Norrie’s Pend, think it was in the location of where McDonald St is now. He’s told me loads o wee stories of growing up there and getting up to no good.

    Ah the best mate


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