Jim Gellatly’s New Music podcast 106

Jim Gellatly with more of Scotland’s hottest new sounds…

In his latest showcase of emerging music Jim shows that perhaps his ears aren’t as good as his reputation may suggest… put it one way… if he ever offers you a trip in his helicopter, turn him down! That aside, enjoy another mix of the freshest sounds from indie-pop to electro hip hop.

Tunes in this episode come from Fiction Faction, Shambles Miller, Arran Arctic, Maple Leaves (pictured above), We See Lights, Outbox, Belle And Sebastian, Young Fathers, The Fire And I & Kid Adrift.

For more information, tracklist and to stream/download, visit this episode’s page at www.radiomagnetic.com

Jim Gellatly’s New Music is also carried on Radio Six International Saturday at 11pm, and Sunday at 1am (also on World FM, New Zealand) and 2pm (all UK/BST times)… and East Renfrewshire’s Pulse 98.4 every Sunday at 6pm.


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