Jim Gellatly’s New Music podcast 96

Jim Gellatly steps aside, but keeps it in the family…

Losing your voice isn’t ideal when you’re a radio presenter, but Jim recruits his daughter Jasmine to present the latest episode of his podcast. Featured acts include highlights from the latest One Creative Scotland event… a renowned hitmaker collaborating with a Dundee favourite… and the unsigned band who want to pay you for checking them out!

Tunes in this episode come from Aberfeldy, The Vaselines, Emma’s Imagination (pictured above), Bang Bang Eche, Mark Ronson & The Business Intl, Brothers Reid, The Corleones, The Reclusive Barclay Brothers, Calamateur and Tragic O’Hara.

For more information, tracklist and to stream/download, visit this episode’s page at www.radiomagnetic.com


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One thought on “Jim Gellatly’s New Music podcast 96

  1. doug rumbles August 19, 2010 / 10:30 am

    Hi Jim..greetings fae the granite city.hope you enjoy our Heavy Rock sound..gettimg good respose at home and abroad,and only been busy last week..really positive.we entered the Kerrang Radio comp to support Bon Jovi at o2 arena back in june.out of 1000 unsigned uk bands we made onto shortlist of 30 and noted with others on list as particularly awesome.which was a boost.the winners were not a Heavy rock band but very like Elbow.funny old world really..lol.got a new track to go on soon aswell+hope to record even more stuff soon.been getting odd gigs in Drummonds but thats been it so far.not easy to get out of here..loltake care and keep up the great work.good Rawking…GUTTERGODZ..

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