Jim Gellatly’s New Music podcast 93

Jim Gellatly with another slice of Caledonian cool…

The latest installment of Jim Gellatly’s weekly showcase of New Music includes a bunch of chart-worrying Fifers… a collaboration between two of his favourite T in the Park acts… a Clydebank band prospering under the influence of Shaun Ryder… and a moving charity tribute to war heroes.

Tunes in this episode come from The Cundeez, Gogobot, Urbnri (pictured above), Washington Irving, We’re Only Afraid Of NYC, LightGuides, Yahweh, Pearl And The Puppets, Wolves and Tango In The Attic.

For more information, tracklist and to stream/download, visit this episode’s page at www.radiomagnetic.com


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One thought on “Jim Gellatly’s New Music podcast 93

  1. Up Next Studios July 26, 2010 / 12:48 pm

    Yet another great podcast! Best new music podcast on iTunes.

    Keep it up.

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