Jim Gellatly’s New Music podcast 88

Jim Gellatly selects another collection of the freshest new music from Scotland and beyond…

In the latest volume of Jim Gellatly’s New Music he’s got side projects from members of both Snow Patrol and Idlewild… news on a brand new national radio show he’ll be hosting… and after all the England World Cup songs in episode 87, is it just a coincidence that Jim’s selected a couple of American bands this time round?

Tunes in this episode come from MOPP., Pearl and the Puppets, Edward and the Itch, The Bang Bang Club (pictured above), Kid Adrift, Rod Jones, Tired Pony, Thisfamiliarsmile, Kingsley and Loch Lomond.

For more information, tracklist and to stream/download, visit this episode’s page at www.radiomagnetic.com


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One thought on “Jim Gellatly’s New Music podcast 88

  1. Billy June 17, 2010 / 12:26 pm

    Well done on the Amazing job, Jim. Just need everyone to spread the word about this great new concept in radio.

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