Street Sounds of Scotland: Dens Road

Victoria Road to Provost Road

Jim Gellatly takes you on an audio journey along Dundee‘s Dens Road… from Victoria Road up to Provost Road. No commentary… just the sounds of this well known thoroughfare which lends it’s name to Dundee FC‘s stadium (Dens Park).

Download for free from iTunes.

Preview/stream here:

00:00 Start

00:50 Lyon St

02:00 Arthurstone Terrace

02:50 Cowan St

03:32 Laing St

04:50 Alexander St

06:21 Arklay St

07:24 Hillbank Road

08:13 Sibbald St

10:07 Main St

11:20 Isla St

14:45 End

*Recorded by Jim Gellatly on Dens Road, Dundee, March 6 2010 at 1407hrs


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3 Responses to “Street Sounds of Scotland: Dens Road”

  1. Gary Robertson Says:

    Jim, shoulda had a match comin oot wi’ ah the hustle an bustle. Although I’m a Shed Boy I remember everyone getting sneaky ins over the phone box just at the corner of Dens Road and Provie Road. Happy days.

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