Jim Gellatly’s New Music

Jim presents XFM Scotland Drivetime  from April 7 (96.3FM in Paisley and on Digital Radio across central Scotland. It will also be available via the apps and at www.xfm.co.uk).

Featured tracks on XFM Scotland Drivetime this week:

Record of the Week – Franz Ferdinand ‘Fresh Strawberries’

Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand joins Jim for a chat on Monday’s show.

Breakout tracks (emerging music from Scotland):

Monday 14: Culann ‘All Reverie’

Tuesday 15: The Hazey Janes ‘The Fathom Line’

Wednesday 16: Purple Valentino ‘White Lights’

Thursday 17: Neon Waltz ‘Sombre Fayre’

Friday 18: The Amazing Snakeheads ‘Testifying Time’


Jim also presents a weekly showcase of New Music on Amazing Radio. Check the contacts page for submission details.

The “Jim Gellatly’s New Music” app available at jimgellatly.mobapp.at


Click here for Jim Gellatly's New Music podcast at iTunes

Jim is exclusively represented by Keith Easton at Woosh Entertainments: keith@woosh.tv


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